Posted by: Floyd Braid | May 4, 2007

$2000 laptop, $20 wireless connection, free Word Press Blog…not blogged in over 2 months, PRICELESS!

I read blogs, I respond to blogs, I teach others how to build and use them but I can’t seem to blog. I’m a talker. You can wind me up and I’ll talk all day. I’ve made a good living talking. But I can’t seem to channel that energy and ability into blogging. What is it about my 42 year old mind?  I read a few blogs everyday. I have my favorites which I give a few minutes a day to.  I find myself saying yes to what has been written but and sometimes responding but taking those thoughts and writing about them…well lets just say “it ain’t happening.”  At first I struggled with the idea of who I was writing for. Me? Others? Now, even though I wasn’t at the front of the line when ego was being handed out, I was near the front of the line. So writing for others seemed to be my motivation at first. Until, I realized that after 2 weeks I had only a couple of responses…where were the 1000’s who I just new would flock, the word would be spread like butter on burnt toast.  See I told you lack of ego wasn’t the issue. Then I went into the “it’s ok that no one is responding and for that matter reading I’m doing this for myself” phase. Unfortunately, due to my mothers & wife’s influence I have not been able to migrate into the egocentric realm. So, why would I do this just for myself? I have never been a person who journals. I’m not apposed to it I just never felt the calling. I’m a painter as well and when I paint it always comes out as a visual representation of parts of my life. I guess it works for me when I’ve got 4 x 8 canvas and paints but not with a keyboard.  What makes bloggers blog? Who has time? How did we get caught up in this?

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