Posted by: Floyd Braid | July 6, 2007

Access & My Son’s New International Breeding Business


I have the honor of working with a variety of schools around the country and I can say that when we push the envelope on these types of things access is everything. There are all kinds of issues around what and how we best provide access but ultimately none of that matters to the kid walking home to just cable TV. It seems that there are many layers here that can be addressed but the answer is simple. Create access or don’t. The poor will again suffer form an unequal playing field if we don’t. In the recent court decission that stated that race can no longer be used in desegregation plans. I’m wondering if we can’t work in access a new factor to consider for desegregation plans… Kids are open to almost anything, regardless of skill. They always have been. Walls take a long time to build. The toys & tools are just much cooler today. However, when the doors are closed on PS America many kids loose their access, which means in some cases the learning stops. Even in schools that have laptops for all the students many don’t get to take them home even though they are the ones with the least amount of access… True story- my son walks into my office a week ago and says that he is now breeding and selling (insert Pokémon name here) for a kid in the Netherlands, Japan and Australia. To my surprise he turned around and left. I caught up to him in his room where he showed me that the new opera browser for his Nintendo DS enables him to work with kids all over the world to trade and sell Pokémon. (freak Out Moment) “Are you emailing”, “Do they have your phone number”, “how did they find you”‘??? He is 9. He explained that the software enables you to find other kids that are into similar things and that it’s just easier to get things done this way. Today he and his friends are now scheming how to improve their breeding business into something much more profitable…sigh. This just points to the idea that we don’t know what the tools will be, I’m done chasing that tale. We just know that we need to get out of the way more often and watch from the side.

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