Posted by: Floyd Braid | December 1, 2008

It’s Whiskey Cherry Time

Whiskey Cherries Draining

Whiskey Cherries Draining

We (my mom and I) are in the middle of our 6th season making the family candy, Whiskey Cherries. This is an old family tradition that started before I was born. My mom and aunt found a candy book, bought some chocolate and started making candy. A few years ago I remember calling my mom and asking for the recipe… She laughed and said it’s more than just a recipe. Several months later we were set to make our first batch in time for the holidays. Many things in life might be backed up with a set of ingredients and steps but this one takes good planning and preparation but more importantly it takes an ability to adjust to the many curve balls the candy making process will throw your way. It was really clear after the first day of making candy with my mom that this was going to be more about us and less about candy. We live many states apart and this has been a great opportunity to know each other as adults. I have learned much over the years about candy making but I have learned also where my ability to just do something comes from. My mom has a very carefree attitude about life and when confronted with struggle or a new interest she just works her way through it. While many friends and family will be getting Whiskey Cherries for gifts this year I can be content with my gift which I got many years ago. The gift of taking on something new without the worry of failure or judgement and the wisdom that anything is possible if you are willing to take the risk. This year my mom and I will be making Whiskey Cherries, Anna Mae Butter-creams, Wayne & Inez Pecan Scramble, Kristen’s Carmel and Chocolate Peppermint Snow in my Georgia kitchen.

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