Posted by: Floyd Braid | January 21, 2009

New President & New Technology

obamatagcloudNow I’m not going to get into the differences between Bush and Obama. There are enough folks writing about that. However, what I was excited to see was how the Web 2.0 world embraced this event. I was kept updated through Twitter after I elected to follow Obama. I got updates on where to go if I was attending the inaugural event. It sent me the url for the text of the speech and updated me on what Ball the Obama’s where attending.  I was also happy to see that he  is following me 😉  on Twitter. The tag clouds where quick to follow the publishing of the speech. Take a look at the portrait of past 5 presidents speeches as a tag cloud this is realllly cool!  Delve Networks posted video of the speech which is searchable using their search tool search for words that he spoke and it shows you where on the video time line. Today I traveled from Atlanta to San Francisco to present at the TRLD conference. I was delighted to see all the different newspaper covers in the airport. Later I was made aware of this resource just click on the cover to see the cover page. In the age of Google Earth how could we not have a satellite image of the event this also has many other photos from the event. I’m a CNN hound so lastly I will share the CNN and Microsoft’s partnership using Photosynth to document the moment.

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