Posted by: Floyd Braid | October 8, 2009

Blaberrize Has Me ROTFL!!!!



What can I say…I emailed a teacher friend of mine about what she knew about Web 2.0 in preperation for a workshop I am doing for her district. She replied, “I haven’t really trained the teachers in web 2.0 although I am pretty well versed in a variety of applications.  I think things like RSS feeds, delicious website, teachertube, blabberize, etc. would all be good”. Blabberize, Blabberize, what is Blabberize? Why haven’t I heard of it? I went to the site, Clicked on the play button and laughed for 5 minutes. Enjoy!



  1. Teacher is blown away

    Guest post by Tina Wolfer, Grade 8, West Clermont Local Schools, Cincinnati:

    I introduced Tween Tribune to my class last week and was blown away by how engaged they were.

    TweenTribune offers teachers and students an opportunity to read high interest news stories about everyday people from around the world.

    Introduced in such an appealing way, Tribune stories are interesting to middle schoolers and are a great way to get students to read newspaper articles—and then to hear them comment.

    Read Tina’s complete blogpost here:

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