Posted by: Floyd Braid | August 20, 2010

Modern Day Oregon Trail? Don’t Think So…

I’m not sure because I have not had my hands on this new  EduGame “Crystal Island 5”  developed by the Friday Institute. It  seems to allow students to select and customize their own “Miivitar” which then embarks on a very visually rich adventure learning about landforms and ecosystems. Students get a camera and a notebook to collect “artifacts of learning” along the way. They meet other characters that serve as guides and collaborators on their journey. It seems from the video (at bottom of the page) that the games goals grow in complexity as the student progresses. I would love to see more… the project was funded by the National Science Foundation 2.5 Million and took 4 years to produce. I like what I see. I know my kids would love learning about landforms through this rich exploratory edugame.


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