Posted by: Floyd Braid | July 7, 2011

The Truth (Data) Will Set You Free!

…if the data is accurate and valid. Oh, and also if the data can be turned into a great graphic which makes the information more accessible and brings the data to life. This is what you get with . There is always something interesting on this blog. I was recently looking at a data visualization (that’s what there calling it these days) and it occurred to me that I have never seen these type of graphics created for data regarding student test data or formative assessment data. I wonder what we could see more clearly if we could get the same type of visualizations for each of our students…hmmm.

I have played around with Many Eyes from IBM and it gives you the ability to create these type of visualizations from data sets they make available from their library or you can import your own data. However, there seem to be too many steps for a classroom teacher to get a valuable visualization of student progress.  One can only hope that visualizations like the one below might someday be avalible to teachers to track student proficiency. **I know it looks confusing but just click on it…



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